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PC Security Tweaker 9.8 Software

PC Security TweakerDownload the latest software for your computer, the software PC Security Tweaker 9.8 which is the latest version, which you can use and install it into your computer, and if the software is useful for you, you can share with family, friends and acquaintances you on facebook, twitter, and other social sites.
Software PC Security Tweaker 9.8 deskription and review

PC Protection Tweaker is a stability adjusting utility you can use to tune Windows-based computers. It is compatible with all Windows versions and let us you management which people are allowed to access to your PC and the level of access to each user may have. You can choose to tune use of lots of Control Panel applet functions, including Display, Program, Passwords, Printers, Program, Add/Remove Programs, etc.

With PC Protection Tweaker You can enforce people to use separate system profile versions and provide them with their own custom shell versions such as Esteem, Begin Listing, Favorites, My Documents. Additionally, by adjusting, you can: disarm selected Begin Listing items, safe and safe disk pushes in My Pc, disarm the DOS and command fast, interruption boot keys, real DOS mode, Registry editing, taskbar, task manager, and network access to, conceal desktop icons, and much more. You can password-protect Windows and restrict people to running particular applications only. PC Protection tweakers can be applied generally or just to particular people. This program also let us you tune Online Explorer to safe web browsing.


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